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Design of standard parts for automobile inspection tools

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The automobile inspection tool accurately installs the parts on the inspection tool, and inspects the hole position, profile and periphery of the parts through visual inspection or with the aid of inspection tools such as measuring tables, calipers and inspection pins. Modern inspection tools can take into account the function of the measuring bracket at the same time in the structural design.

The measuring bracket is an auxiliary bracket when measuring parts with a coordinate measuring machine. All of its supporting surfaces (points) and positioning reference planes (points) need to be milled according to the CAD data of the part. The measuring bracket for some special parts should also It has the function of some checking tools.
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When designing, we need to have accurate dimensions and whether the surface is smooth; secondly, the structure of the inspection tool should be reasonable and suitable for efficient production requirements;

The design of the automobile inspection tool is easy to manufacture, has high wear resistance, and the cost cannot be too high. The design of the inspection tool fully meets the needs of the process. Structural design and parameter selection must consider factors such as orientation, positioning method, and gap size. The easy-to-wear parts on the gage should be easy to replace and not too restrictive.

In order to increase productivity, we can also adopt alternate processing and separate processing methods.

In terms of the design of the standard parts of the inspection tool, if the inspection tool is required, the parts supplier shall be directly responsible for all the elements of the inspection tool acquisition process. In addition, the parts supplier also needs to keep files of all related activities. Due to the different complexity of the parts involved in this article.


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