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Can auto inspection tools reduce costs

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Automobile inspection tools are to improve the efficiency of mass production of mechanical products and ensure the stability of mechanical product quality, so as to reduce product costs.

  Automotive inspection tools are generally produced in single or complete sets, but the use time is generally longer. Automotive inspection tools mainly consider the service life and maintenance conditions. Automobile inspection tools mainly consider convenience, precision, efficiency and reliability. Automobile inspection tools are mainly considered to be easy to use, reliable, and convenient for maintenance.

  When designing, try to use mature standard parts (such as guide posts, guide sleeves, fasteners, springs, hardware, cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, standard mold bases, quick chucks, etc.).
A-Pillar Checking Fixture
For the design of main parts, it is necessary to select the matching of metal materials and the types of heat treatment (such as quenching and tempering, high frequency, carburizing and quenching, nitriding and quenching) and the selection of hardness. In particular, the prevention of deformation of the parts after heat treatment and mutual friction should be taken into consideration. The parts should consider hardness matching and necessary lubrication measures.

  The surface treatment should carefully design the thickness and type of the coating according to the function of the part (galvanized, nickel-plated, bright chrome-plated, anodized, hard anodized, conductive anodized, hard chrome-plated, blue, etc.).


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