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Car inspection tool

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Automobile inspection tools are equipment or tools used to control the size of automobile parts and the size of the whole vehicle and the matching degree between parts and components, and are known as “automobile referees”. Auto inspection tools are equivalent to third-party certification tools for auto parts companies and vehicle manufacturers. After the initial production of auto parts is completed, they are placed on special auto inspection tools for testing. Only qualified parts can enter the next one. In the production process, otherwise, the auto parts need to be improved and processed until the design requirements are fully met, which can ensure the smooth flow of the entire production line. Therefore, auto inspection tools can improve the processing accuracy and production efficiency of auto parts companies and vehicle manufacturers, and effectively solve the problems of coordination between auto parts and the consistency of vehicle design.

In the automobile industry, inspection tools can be divided into single-piece inspection tools, assembly inspection tools, opening and closing parts inspection tools, assembly inspection tools, and integrated inspection tools for internal and external installations.
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In terms of actual use, the current automotive inspection tools used by auto parts companies are generally divided into two categories: one is the inspection tool with measurement function; the other is the three-coordinate measurement bracket, also known as the flexible inspection tool. Among them, the flexible car inspection tool has some special advantages that traditional car inspection tools do not have, mainly including: a flexible inspection tool can measure different products with a little adjustment (one-to-many or adjustable, saving storage space, and parts can be reused) ), convenient modification and positioning, automatic measurement, automatic data recording, high measurement accuracy, no fear of deformation (low maintenance cost), short development cycle, etc.


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