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How does the automobile inspection tool know where it needs to be tested?

2022-08-12 Page view : 727 views

First of all, we should be clear about the function of the inspection tool, which is a non-standard measuring tool customized for automobile products.

Although some checking tools are designed for full-scale surface inspection, it is impossible to realize full-scale inspection on checking tools. At present, most checking tools are designed for the important surface, hole position, and trimming inspection of products.
1. The customer will provide the test pattern.

We can design the corresponding test according to the customer’s style content to meet the customer’s style requirements.

2. Customers will provide GD&T drawings.

The surface profile, line profile, and hole position of the product will be marked on the GD&T drawing. Where the line position tolerance is marked on the drawing, it needs to be detected on our inspection tool.

In addition, there will be some linear dimensional tolerances marked on the drawings. In these marks, the hole size needs to be tested by GO NOGO, and other dimensional tolerances can be judged as follows: it is convenient to test with traditional measuring tools, such as caliper, micrometer, height gauge, etc. We don’t need to test on the fixture. If its size is not well measured with traditional measuring tools, we need to consider designing a measuring block on the fixture to measure.


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