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How is the small car inspection tool designed

2021-08-17 Page view : 172 views

The general method for the design of inspection tools for small automobile body stamping parts, today we will follow Tianjin Yada Technology to take a look.

1. The small stamping part mold of the body is mainly composed of the bottom plate assembly, the clamping device group, the inspection body, the main and auxiliary positioning pins, and the cross-sectional model. The main element of the inspection is the shape of the workpiece (including the contour of the workpiece and the shape of the curved surface, etc.) The location of features such as holes and flanges.

When designing a small car inspection tool, the size reference is usually placed in the body coordinate system, and the coordinate line is drawn every 100mm in the X, Y, and Z directions. The reference block and the reference hole on the bottom plate are used to establish the coordinate system of the inspection tool.
 前保中护板FR FR bumper middle guard board FR bumper middle guard board
  2. Most of the body stamping parts have spatial curved surface and relatively many local features, and have the characteristics of non-axisymmetric, poor rigidity, etc., so positioning, supporting and clamping are more difficult. At present, most of the body stamping inspection parts are automatically completed by CNC machine tools according to digital models and predetermined processing procedures at one time to automatically complete all the surfaces and holes that need to be processed. The material for the inspection of small cars is mostly epoxy resin.

   After the design of the vehicle inspection is completed, the position and size of the bottom plate assembly are determined according to the vehicle inspection tool, and the section model is set at the key section to be inspected.


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