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How to choose the materials of automobile inspection tools

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Among the automobile inspection tools, the complex structure and complete functions are automobile inspection tools. The vehicle inspection tool is more convenient to use, more practical, more efficient, and lower in cost than a single inspection tool. The vehicle inspection tool simulates the actual car body shape and structure, and realizes the inspection of most parts on the car body by simulating the matching gap and position relationship between the actual car inspection parts and the vehicle inspection tool.

   For example, vehicle inspection tools can detect the accuracy and matching relationship of front and rear windshields, bumpers, lights, doors, luggage covers, dashboards, interior decorations and other components. As one of the auto parts, the car side wall has a matching relationship with many parts on the body, such as four doors, tail cover, ABCD 4-pillar trim panel, car roof, wing panel, triangular window, fuel cover, etc. Whether they are qualified will not only affect the appearance of the car body, but also affect the quality and security of the car.

  In the car assembly process, the car body is composed of thousands of parts, and inspection tools play an important role in the assembly process. Through the use of inspection tools, after passing the test on professional inspection tools, parts can be directly installed to ensure the smooth flow of the entire assembly line and solve the problem of interchangeability of auto parts.
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The design of automobile inspection tool is a polymer composite material made of organic compound and inorganic compound. After physical change and chemical reaction, due to its small deformation coefficient, dimensional stability, good processing performance, good chemical stability, and acid resistance The advantages of good alkalinity, low storage conditions and low density have been widely used in many industries.

   paste resin is another form of resin. It is a semi-fluid resin before curing and consists of two independent raw materials. The two materials can be uniformly stirred at room temperature and can be cured into ordinary bulk resin without other conditions. The curing time is 12h or 16h.

Paste resin has all the advantages of ordinary body resin after curing. The molding and modification of auto parts are convenient, the curing time is moderate, the adhesion is strong, the shrinkage is small, and there are no other by-products during the curing process. The products are widely used in inspection tools, models and The jig is being manufactured.


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