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How to install automotive fixtures on-line cutting workpieces?

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1. Workpiece clamping

   When clamping the workpiece on the wire cutting machine, it is necessary to ensure that the cutting position of the workpiece is within the cutting range of the X-axis and Y-axis feed of the machine table. At the same time, the electrode wire movement space during cutting should be considered. The fixture should be as far as possible to choose general (or standard) parts, the selected fixture should be easy to clamp, easy to coordinate the size relationship between the workpiece and the machine tool. When processing large molds, pay special attention to the positioning method of the workpiece, especially at the end of the processing, the deformation of the workpiece and the effect of gravity will clamp the electrode wire, which affects the processing.

  1) Cantilever clamping

  Using the cantilever method to clamp the workpiece, the clamping is convenient and the versatility is strong. However, due to the overhang of one end of the workpiece, perpendicularity errors between the cutting surface and the upper and lower planes of the workpiece are prone to occur. It is only used when the processing requirements are not high or the cantilever is short.

  2) Clamping by supporting at both ends

  Using the two-end support method to clamp the workpiece, the clamping is convenient, stable, and the positioning accuracy is high, but it is not suitable for clamping larger parts.

  3) Bridge type support method clamping

  This method is to place the shim on the universal fixture and then clamp the workpiece, which is convenient for clamping and can be used for large, medium and small workpieces.

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  4) Clamping by plate support

  According to the commonly used workpiece shape and size, a support plate with through holes is used to clamp the workpiece. This method has high clamping accuracy, but poor versatility.
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  2. Workpiece adjustment

The workpiece is clamped by the above method, and the alignment method must be adjusted so that the positioning reference surface of the workpiece can be parallel to the worktable surface of the machine tool and the feed direction x, y of the worktable to ensure the cut surface and the reference The relative position accuracy between the faces.

  The commonly used methods of aligning are:

   1) Use a dial indicator to correct

Fix the dial indicator on the wire frame or other position with a magnetic frame, the measuring head of the dial indicator is in contact with the base surface of the workpiece, and the workbench is moved back and forth, and the position of the workpiece is adjusted according to the indicator value of the dial indicator until the dial indicator pointer The deflection range reaches the required value. Alignment should be carried out in three mutually perpendicular directions.

   2) Straightening method

   When the mutual position accuracy between the cutting pattern of the workpiece and the positioning datum is not high, the marking method can be used for alignment. Using the marking pin fixed on the wire frame to align the reference line drawn on the workpiece, move the worktable back and forth to visually check the deviation between the marking needle and the reference, and adjust the workpiece to the correct position.


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