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How to maintain the standard parts of automobile inspection tools?

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How to maintain the car inspection tool? At that time, with the gradual progress in the design and accuracy of automobile inspection tools, many automobile inspection tools had to undergo adequate maintenance to extend their service life. Here is a brief introduction to the method and process of car inspection tools maintenance:
1. Fundamental protection of automobile inspection tools: ensure that the exterior of the inspection tool imitation block is clean, and the positions of some bottom plates, latches and detection pins must be clean, and the movable parts that need to be disassembled are placed in the opposite direction.
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2. Adhere to the dryness of the environmental elements of the car inspection tool: the storage temperature of the car inspection tool should be guaranteed to be between 10 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius below zero; the humidity should be below 60 degrees; the particulates should not exceed 2%.
3. The maintenance time can be divided into half a year or once a year for treatment:
1) Check whether the pin hole is worn or not, and replace it immediately if there is a problem;
2) Check whether the fine slideway is loose, and add lubricating oil in time;
3) Check whether the marking scale and coating have fallen and worn in time;
4) Check whether the positioning datum is rusty or worn, if so, replace or polish it immediately;


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