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How to manage automobile inspection tools

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In some large and medium-sized machining enterprises, it is very inconvenient or even impossible to measure the size of some parts that need to be tested with general measuring tools. We must design professional measuring tools.

However, many enterprises do not pay much attention to the management of special measuring tools. Some measuring tools are neither certified nor included in periodic verification. They often continue to be used for measurement after they have been unqualified for a period of time, affecting product quality. Here, I will introduce my experience in the management of special vehicle inspection tools.

1. Design, manufacture and inspection of special measuring tools

First of all, the enterprise shall design special measuring tools according to the needs of machining and measurement of mechanical parts. During the design process, design review, verification and design confirmation shall be carried out, and then managed according to ISO9000 standard documents and management methods. If the design drawing needs to be changed, it must be approved by the measurement department and the manufacturing department.

The special measuring tools made according to the design drawing shall be inspected by the quality inspection department with the full inspection method. If the inspection is qualified, the number, verification number and relevant measurement dimensions shall be engraved with steel seal, a certificate of conformity shall be issued, and then sent to the measuring tool warehouse.
B-Pillar Checking fixture
2. Receiving and weekly inspection of special measuring tools

The user department shall take back the new special measuring and inspection tools from the measuring tool warehouse, which can only be used after inspection and confirmation, registration, card replacement and certificate issuance by the measuring room. The inspection date, verification cycle and validity period shall be indicated on the inspection certificate for inclusion in the normal weekly inspection plan. The length of the verification cycle shall be determined according to the use frequency, use environment and the structure of the measuring tool itself.

3. Management of daily special measuring tools

The special measuring tools received from the measuring room must be registered and recorded in time, managed by a specially assigned person, and strictly abide by the borrowing and returning system. The management personnel shall submit the special quantity inspection tools for inspection according to the weekly inspection plan in exchange for a new certificate.

In case of abnormality or unconfirmability of a measuring tool during use, it shall be sent to the measuring room for detection and confirmation in time. The user shall be responsible for the daily maintenance of the measuring tool at ordinary times. Relevant departments shall also conduct supervision and assessment.

4. Scrapping, recycling and utilization of special measuring tools

The scrapping of special measuring tools must be recognized and recovered by the measuring room to prevent them from flowing into the production site.

The automobile inspection tool standard parts company pointed out that for some special inspection tools that are scrapped only because several parts do not meet the requirements because of complex design, troublesome manufacturing or high cost, or some can be reused after grinding. In order to reduce waste, enterprises can be specially handled by professional technicians. If it can be reused, it must be tested and approved by the measurement room and a certificate of conformity shall be issued.


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