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How to measure automobile sheet metal inspection tools

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Inspection fixture is the abbreviation for online inspection and inspection fixtures such as stamping parts and welding parts, and it has the same meaning as the sample racks mentioned in other versions of documents. The inspection tool is a testing tool specially manufactured according to the specific requirements of the demander. The shape of the inspection tool must be milled according to the CAD data of the part, which can reflect all the parameters of the part and perform qualitative inspection of the part.
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  For some extremely important functional dimensions on the parts, it is also possible to use the gage for numerical testing. The inspection tool should also have the function of measuring bracket, but when the online inspection function of the inspection tool and the function of the measurement bracket cannot be satisfied at the same time, the online inspection function of the inspection tool should be satisfied first.

   The design, manufacture and acceptance of inspection tools should be based on product drawings and master models (or CAD data). When the part has no master model (or CAD data), the product drawing and the sample approved by the purchaser shall be used as the basis.

   Under normal frequency and good maintenance, it should be ensured that the inspection tool and its corresponding calendering die and welding fixture have the same service life.

   Considerations before making inspection tools (five points):

   1. The parts where the finished product requires accuracy and the accuracy confirmation method.

   2. Importance of accuracy requirements and confirmation methods.

   3. The amount of deformation of the finished product is considered during the processing of stamping parts.

   4. Considerations in use (convenience, light weight, fast).

   5. The overall structure is firm and not deformed.


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