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Three clamping methods of automobile inspection tools

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With the development of modern science and technology, more professional software technology has been applied to industrial production. In order to avoid errors caused by various reasons and reduce the production efficiency, automobile inspection tool manufacturers have developed the inspection tool. The inspection tool has a special scale that can be adjusted and reused. All error inspection things can become inspection tools.

Inspection tool is a fast and simple tool used by industrial production companies to control various scales of goods, so as to improve production power and control quality. Fixture is a kind of tooling. It is used for welding, machining and other clamping and fixing other parts. Many times, it is necessary to assemble several parts and ensure their accurate positioning. Inspection tool is a special inspection tool designed and made for the convenience of quality inspection during mass production. Similarly, error inspection is also required in automobile production. At this time, automobile inspection tool is required. What are the clamping methods of automobile inspection tool?

1. Clamping method of horseshoe indenter:

The chuck is made of aluminum, and the opening shall be greater than 6.5mm. This method is generally used for the inspection tools of the masses. The three coordinate measuring machine can measure the base point of the RPS positioning surface. In order to achieve this intention, the clamp arm should not exceed the base point of the RPS positioning surface, otherwise the three-dimensional probe will be blocked by the clamp arm and affect the measurement. In addition, if there is a positioning or inspection pin at the positioning surface, it should be noted that the collet should not interfere with the positioning or inspection pin when the clamp is opened, which will affect the operability.
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2. Locating surface and clamping:

In principle, each positioning surface needs a clamping point locally, the clamping point shall be located at the base of the positioning surface, and the clamping direction of the clamp shall be common with the normal direction of the positioning surface. If the viewpoint of the locating surface and the viewpoint of the supporting surface of the clamp are less than 5 degrees, it can be ignored. If it is greater than 5 degrees, the clamping direction of the clamp shall be common with the normal direction of the locating surface.

3. Horizontal push clamping: including clamp and tension spring clamping. Generally, the clamp clamping method should be considered as much as possible.

Seeing here, I believe you have a further understanding of the clamping mode of the automobile inspection tool. The automobile inspection tool can visually inspect the holes with different properties on the parts and the connection orientation between the parts, and then ensure that the quick judgment of the quality status of the parts is completed during production. Pay attention to this website to learn more about the production and manufacturing of auto inspection accessories.


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