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What are the functions of car inspection

2021-08-17 Page view : 165 views

What are the functions of car inspection? I believe that this issue is of concern to many people in the automotive inspection tool industry, so what is the role of the automotive inspection tool?

  1), product design stage. For the development of new models, especially brand-new models, there are relatively few reference materials. At this time, the functional master model checking tool can help fast debugging work, especially when the pre-part and equipment status is unstable, it can be a reference Benchmark.
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   2), product verification stage. At this stage, the functional master model checking tool can also play a very important role, especially in the stage of batch parts * one trial assembly, a lot of design confirmation work can be carried out on the master model checking tool.

  3), trial production stage. The main model mold can link the digital prototype with the mass-produced models and various parts. In the trial production stage, the conflict between the white body and the interior and exterior plastic parts is often unavoidable. The functional master model car inspection tool can effectively determine the root of the problem, thereby guiding the modification of unqualified parts, and pointing out the direction for product quality improvement.

  4) After standard operating procedures, mass production stage. The main model inspection tool can also be used in the daily quality control of parts and problem analysis, especially when the quality of the product fluctuates, whether the quality of the body fluctuates, or the internal and external parts have a deviation, or the two are gradually gradual, resulting in accumulation , You can use the master model inspection tool to analyze.


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