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What is a welding fixture

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In the welding of auto parts, except for individual cases such as flywheel ring gears, gears, etc., a ring is connected to a certain weld seam of the other closed body itself, in most cases, several workpieces of different shapes are welded together. , Forming a welding assembly, therefore, welding and assembly are generally linked together, so the fixture used in the welding process is usually called welding assembly fixture. The so-called welding assembly fixture refers to the addition of the welding equipment itself that is used to ensure the correct relative position and shape of the workpiece to be welded according to the requirements of the workpiece structure during the welding process, and to obtain a firm welded joint. Devices, collectively referred to as welding assembly fixtures, and simply referred to as welding fixtures. The consumable parts in the welding fixture and some tools that independently play a conductive role are called welding aids.
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