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What is the 3MM Machine

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Three coordinate inspection of automobile inspection fixture is to use three coordinate measuring machine to inspect and measure the shape and position tolerance of hand parts. Judge whether the error of the workpiece is within the tolerance range. It’s also called coordinate measurement. With the rapid development of automobile industry, aerospace industry and mechanical processing industry. Three coordinate detection has become a conventional method.
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CMM is no longer a luxury. In particular, some foreign-funded and multinational enterprises emphasize that the third-party certification products must provide test reports with test certificates. So three coordinate detection is more and more important for manufacturing industry. Different from the traditional measuring instrument which compares the measured and mechanical datum, the measurement of CMM is actually based on the collection and calculation of space point coordinates. As a kind of precise and efficient space length measuring instrument, coordinate measuring machine (CMM) can realize the measurement work that many traditional measuring instruments can’t complete, and its efficiency is more than ten times or even dozens of times than traditional measuring instruments. Moreover, coordinate measuring machine is easy to connect with CAD, and the measurement results are fed back to the design and production departments in real time, so as to improve the product design or production process. Therefore, CMM has replaced and will continue to replace many traditional length measuring instruments


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