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What is the purpose of auto tooling

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  Automotive tooling is the abbreviation of automotive process equipment. Automotive process equipment is the basic processing conditions and methods required to process auto parts to the design drawing requirements. Automobile technology equipment includes processing equipment (standard, special and non-standard equipment), fixtures, molds, measuring tools, props and tools, etc.

Carrying out the design and use of automobile tooling fixtures can make the automobile parts quickly and accurately installed in the fixed position in the fixture. Therefore, when the automobile parts are processed by the fixture, the automobile parts can be quickly and accurately placed in the processing position, thereby ensuring the automobile The processing quality of the parts meets the requirements, which is the main reason why the fixture is widely used in production.
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   Generally speaking, the purpose of using automotive fixtures can be summarized into the following four aspects:

  1. It can stably guarantee the processing quality of auto parts and reduce the scrap rate;

  2, it can improve the productivity of auto parts;

  3. The process range of processing equipment can be expanded;

  4. It can improve the working conditions of workers.


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