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Does the vehicle inspection tool ensure the function of the model

2021-11-18 Page view : 175 views

First of all, the function of the model should be ensured.

Then there are color, texture, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, volume, material, cost, etc., and then go to the assembly factory to further improve the assembly size according to the assembly effect. Therefore, according to these requirements, the detection tool should be able to accurately reflect the key dimensions of the accessories, taking into account other requirements.
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With the rapid development of China’s automobile industry, the pace of automobile upgrading is accelerated, the automobile engineering cycle is shorter and shorter, the market has higher and higher requirements for the quality of the whole vehicle, the automobile price is falling, the cost pressure is increasing, etc.

The development of auto parts testing tools should meet the requirements of short cycle, high quality and low cost. The cycle, quality and cost of automotive engineering and parts inspection tools are prominent, which affects the healthy development of automotive inspection tools industry.

China’s automobile inspection equipment industry has shifted from simple imitation learning abroad to independent technology research and development. New design concepts, new structural schemes, new standard parts series, new material uses and new processing technologies emerge one after another.

The use of automobile testing tools has become the embodiment of the production qualification of automobile enterprises and their parts suppliers. The design and manufacture of automobile testing tools has become a new research hotspot in the domestic automobile industry. Various research institutions and automobile enterprises have made rich research achievements in the design, manufacturing and testing of testing tools.


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