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How to maintain the car inspection tools?

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1. Ensure the dryness of the environmental factors of the vehicle inspection tools: the storage temperature shall be between minus 10 ℃ and 60 ℃; Humidity must be below 60%; Particles shall not exceed 2%.

2. Basic maintenance of automobile inspection tools: ensure that the outside of the inspection tool simulation block is clean, and pay attention to keeping some pins, inspection pins, base plates and other positions clean; Place the moving parts to be disassembled in the corresponding position.
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3. The maintenance time can be divided into six months or once a year:

4. Check whether the bolt hole is worn, and replace it immediately if there is any problem;

5. Check whether the precision slide is loose and add lubricating oil;

6. Check whether the positioning datum is worn and rusted, and some are replaced or polished in time;

7. Timely check whether the marking scale and coating are worn and fallen off.


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