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Application of Resign in Automobile Inspection Tools

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Substitute wood is a polymer composite material formed by mixing organic and inorganic compounds through physical changes and chemical reactions. The base material includes epoxy resin, unsaturated resin, polyamine resin, etc. and fillers, and a small part Mixed with other fillers.
The physical properties of Yoogi:
1.It has a small deformation coefficient.
2. It has excellent mechanical processing performance, fast processing speed, and very little dust during processing.
3. The size is stable, not easy to deform, the edge strength is good, the processing surface is smooth and delicate, and it can produce extremely accurate model surfaces, with good texture, no texture, and consistent performance in any aspect.
4. The storage condition of the finished model is not harsh, and it is not corroded by chemicals, and can be stored for a long time.
5. The last point is very practical for design and production, because in the design process of the car model, modification is extremely common. After the model paste is repaired and the original cured material is very sticky, the repaired part will not fall off. , In the process of mechanical processing, there will be no processing differences in the material.
High Precise Steel Plate CNC Tooling Fitting Mould
Yoogi’s application:
Substitute wood can be applied to CNC processing, mainly as a and shape:
1. Vehicle development materials
a. Modeling design, modeling
b. Make scale models and display models to verify the engineering structure design and process design of the modeling effect
c. Manufacture temporary molds (low melting point alloy molds in resin molds) for small batch trial production
d. In the Toyota series development department of Japan, the sludge is still used for modeling design, and then the digital model is obtained, but no matter which design method, the display model and the main model must be made of resin materials. paste (referred to as paste generation) Wood) and processable resin template (substituting wood) these two materials, its density from 0.21 to 1.1 materials can be used to make a variety of designs, display models, master models and tire molds. It can also be used in shoe molds, industry Design, standard prototypes, master models, imitation models, check fixtures, inspection fixtures, casting molds, stamping molds, vacuum forming molds, injection molds, etc. With the continuous improvement of China’s production technology and product grades, Higher requirements will be put forward for mold making.

What follows will be the universal application of “substitute wood” in mold making. It will play an effective role in improving mold quality, shortening mold production cycle, and improving mold production efficiency. It will greatly improve Labor production environment, reduce production costs, and improve the quality of molds.


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