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How to design automobile inspection tools

2021-05-21 Page view : 213 views

Starting from the automobile structure, combined with examples, the general methods and procedures for the design of small-scale stamping parts of the car body and the new idea of ​​modeling the specific design are expounded, and the solutions to common problems in the design of small-scale inspection tools are proposed.

Body stamping parts, sub-assemblies (made by welding stamped parts), body frames, various interior trim parts, etc. are collectively referred to as body panels. The manufacturing quality of panels is critical to the quality of the entire vehicle, especially the welding of cars and various passenger cars. Assembly production and the appearance of the whole vehicle have a great influence, so its quality inspection has become an indispensable work for automobile manufacturers. For important small stamping parts in China, special inspection fixtures (referred to as inspection fixtures) are generally used as the main inspection means to control the product quality between processes. The United States, Germany, Japan and other highly automated countries in the automotive industry have all begun to adopt online testing equipment to efficiently and quickly respond to product quality issues.
Custom longeron checking fixture Plastic Part Injection Mould for car
Due to the high cost and technical requirements of online inspection equipment, it is difficult to be widely used in the inspection of small car body stamping parts in my country. In recent years, with the rapid development of the car and bus industry, the application of the inspection tools for body panels in the domestic automobile industry has been quite extensive. The State Economic and Trade Commission has listed the production capacity of the inspection tools in the production condition assessment procedures of the vehicle enterprises, so the design and manufacture The production of special inspection tools with convenient operation and high detection accuracy has become an urgent problem for many automobile manufacturers.


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