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Comparative advantages of automobile inspection tools and CMM

2022-01-06 Page view : 181 views

As a good measuring instrument, CMM has been used in many industries and has a wide range of uses. What are the advantages of CMM? The following is a brief introduction to the measurement gap between three-dimensional detection and inspection tools.

From the perspective of measurement convenience: the coordination between three coordinates and flexible fixture is poor; The measurement convenience of automobile inspection tool is very good.

From the perspective of fixture flexibility: three coordinate combined with flexible fixture can measure nearly all parts and assemblies, and the flexibility is very good. However, the automobile fixture is a special measuring equipment for parts / assemblies, and there is no flexibility. Therefore, from the perspective of flexibility, the automobile fixture is still at a disadvantage.
Auto Chassis Metal Parts Checking Fixture
From the perspective of cost: the cost of measuring automobile inspection tools is lower than that of three-dimensional inspection, but in the long run, the cost of three-dimensional inspection will be lower than that of measuring automobile inspection tools.

For the measurement of automobile inspection tools, inspection tools must be made for all measurement objects, and it is a one-time investment for vehicle models. Although the initial investment of three-dimensional detection combined with flexible fixture is relatively large and has a certain daily maintenance cost, in the long run, it has a price advantage, and three-dimensional detection has an advantage in cost.


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