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Design requirements of automobile inspection tools

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The technology of automobile inspection tools has developed rapidly in recent years and has become the mainstream technology. Because of its good cutting quality, precision and processing speed, the automotive industry generally believes that laser cutting is likely to replace stamping as the mainstream automotive inspection tool technology in the future. Now, we will briefly introduce the application of automobile inspection tool technology in automobile mold manufacturing.
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At the production site of auto parts, the on-line detection of auto parts is realized through the auto inspection tool. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately install the auto parts on the auto inspection tool, and then check the profile and periphery of auto parts through visual inspection, measuring table or caliper, It can also visually inspect the holes with different properties on the automobile parts and the connection position between the automobile parts and the automobile parts with the help of the inspection pin or visual inspection, so as to ensure the rapid judgment of the quality state of the automobile parts during trial production and starting production.

Design requirements for automobile inspection tools:

A. All drawings shall be 1:1 of the size of the entity and can be dimensioned. In addition:

1. All parts drawings of automobile inspection tools must be drawn in three views, and the finished surface and / or body and / or working reference line must be marked.

2. All section drawings shall be marked with the section number and page number corresponding to the lead out number of the measuring tool design drawing.

3. The design drawing of automobile inspection fixture must include the outline drawing (dotted line) of the tested part on the inspection fixture. The lines shall be thick enough to facilitate the copying of drawings.

4. The raw material list of automobile inspection tools shall include the size of raw materials, and all standard parts shall be marked with the manufacturer’s name and its catalog model.

5. Unless in order to clarify the manufacturing requirements, the part drawing of automobile inspection tool shall be separated from the assembly drawing of inspection tool.

6. All dimensions shall be expressed in metric system, but the raw material dimensions in the raw material list of automobile inspection tools may have English dimensions.

7. If possible, the raw materials of automobile inspection tools (such as corner frame, stacking block, hinge, guide plate, screw and key, etc.) shall be purchased standard parts as far as possible.

8. The design of automobile inspection fixture can be made on 1.5 translucent paper by computer-aided design or manual drawing.

C. When selecting materials, guide plates, pins, collets, etc., the use environment of automobile inspection tools shall be considered to ensure that the inspection fixture maintains its original function within the validity period of current production.

D. The scheme of positioning datum must be applied to the design drawing and inspection fixture of automobile inspection fixture. The general concept is to position the measured part in a three-dimensional space composed of * positioning surface, second positioning surface and third positioning surface.

E. Positioning device for positioning reference hole: the inspection pin not used as the positioning device shall not restrict the movement of the measured part in any direction other than the specified positioning reference. In this case, the guide rail or movable automobile inspection tool parts can be used to allow the measured parts to move in an uncertain state.

1. The design of the measuring tool shall ensure that each part of the measuring tool will not exceed the base of the measuring tool at any moving position.

J. It is not necessary to mark repetition or left-right symmetry in the design drawing of automobile inspection tools. When it is practical, it is only necessary to mark the unique and one-sided details, and add the note of “symmetry to the central axis except for the indicated parts”.


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