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Have you learned the maintenance method of floor inspection tools?

2022-02-10 Page view : 174 views

Floor inspection tools have been developed rapidly in recent years, because they have good cutting quality, precision and processing speed, and have been widely used. It is a simple tool used by industrial production enterprises to control various sizes of products (such as aperture, space size, etc.) to improve production efficiency and control quality. It is suitable for mass-produced products, such as floor parts, to replace measuring tools, such as smooth plug gauge, thread plug gauge, outer diameter caliper, vernier caliper and depth gauge belong to measuring tools, not inspection tools. In a broad sense, special dimensional error detection tools with adjustable and reusable parts can be classified as flexible inspection tools.

In order to ensure that your inspection tools will not be in great doubt and that regular maintenance can promote the improvement of working power, the editor will introduce you how to maintain the floor inspection tools:

1. Handle with care during transportation; No collision; It is strictly prohibited to put the inspection tool directly on the ground for hauling;

2. After the inspection tool is placed on the ground, adjust the adjustable mechanism immediately to keep the floor horizontal;

3. During use, it is forbidden to knock the profile and datum plane of the inspection tool with metal devices; No one is allowed to stand on the inspection tool;

4. During storage, it is strictly prohibited to stack inspection tools directly with inspection tools;

5. Regularly add oil to the rotating parts of the inspection tool to ensure that the inspection tool rotates flexibly and will not rust;

6. The locating pin shall be coated with grease after each use, and the detection pin shall be put into the storage container;

7. Check whether the slide is loose and add lubricating oil;

8. Check whether the positioning datum is worn and rusted, and some are replaced or polished in time;

9. Timely check whether the marking scale and coating are worn and dropped;

10. When the inspection tool is not used for a long time, the rotating parts shall be sealed with plastic cloth and stored in a ventilated and dry place;

11. Ensure the external cleaning of the inspection tool imitation block, and pay attention to the cleanliness of some pins, inspection pins, base plates and other directions; Place the moving parts to be disassembled in the corresponding direction;

12. The maintenance time of floor inspection tools can be divided into six months or once a year.


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