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How to maintain each stage of automobile mould

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The maintenance of automobile molds refers to the and daily maintenance of molds by operators in production, mainly including cleaning, lubrication and inspection.

1. Maintenance of automobile mould during mould installation:

Before mold installation, the upper and lower surfaces of the mold shall be cleaned to ensure that the mold installation surface and the working table of the press are not under pressure and the parallelism of the upper and lower installation surfaces of the mold in production.

After the mold is installed, open the mold and clean all parts of the mold, especially the guide mechanism. For the surface mold, the mold surface shall be cleaned to ensure the quality of the parts.

Lubricate the sliding parts of the die and apply grease. Inspection of all parts of mould, especially parts. Such as side pin, screw, side guard plate, punching waste channel, etc.
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2. Maintenance of automobile mould in production:

During production, the corresponding parts of automobile molds shall be oiled regularly. Such as: pressing ring and fillet of drawing die; Knife edge of trimming die; Flanging cutter block, etc.

Regularly clean the small hole waste passage of trimming and punching die.

3. Maintenance of automobile mould after production:

Check the mould after production.

Clean the mold to ensure the cleanliness of the mold.

Clean up the waste in the mold to ensure that there is no waste in the waste box.

Feed back the use status and post use situation of the die to the die ticket truthfully.


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