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Main system of automobile interior decoration

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Instrument panel, A-pillar guard, steering wheel, front floor carpet, door sill pressing plate, seat, trunk carpet / spare tire partition, trunk rear decoration, trunk side decoration, C-pillar guard, door guard, seat belt, B-pillar guard, passenger armrest, ceiling, auxiliary instrument panel, sunshade, interior rear-view mirror, etc. Main and auxiliary instrument panel system instrument panel system includes instrument panel assembly, auxiliary instrument panel assembly, steering support assembly, etc. The instrument panel assembly mainly includes body (soft and hard), front defrosting cover plate, air duct, combination instrument cover, driver’s lower guard plate, glove box, left and right end covers, air outlet, storage box, decorative parts, combination instrument, air conditioning control system, entertainment control system, wiring harness and other electrical module parts. The auxiliary instrument panel assembly mainly includes the body, armrest, parking brake cover plate, foot blowing duct, storage box, metal reinforcement, ashtray, cigarette lighter, cup holder and other functional parts. The steering support assembly mainly includes tube beam, left and right fixed bracket of cross beam, steering column bracket, front passenger airbag bracket, electrical parts mounting bracket and other parts. Door interior trim panel system door interior trim panel system mainly consists of side door interior trim panel system and back door interior trim panel system. The door interior trim panel system mainly includes the door interior trim panel body, the inlay panel assembly, the elbow, the switch panel, the window regulator switch, the map bag, the armrest box, the inner handle, the decorative strip, the front threshold lamp, the lower sealing strip of the door panel, the triangle window trim, the window frame trim, the waterproof film and the back door interior trim panel, the atmosphere lamp, the seat adjustment button, etc. Column system column system mainly includes A-pillar upper interior trim panel (pp-t20), A-pillar lower interior trim panel (pp-t20 + EPDM), B-pillar upper interior trim panel (pp-t20), B-pillar lower interior trim panel (pp-t20 + EPDM), C-pillar upper interior trim panel, D-pillar upper guard panel, back door sill interior trim panel, rear door sill interior trim panel, front door sill interior trim panel, etc. Stamping dies steel plate forming moldsFlocking, wrapping, injection column guard board. The NVH system of the NVH system mainly consists of roof decoration, which is mainly covered by the top cover, the floor decoration with carpet and shock absorber, and the front panel decoration, which is mainly composed of the front panel and the noise insulation pad. The engine compartment decoration with engine room insulation and heat insulation is the main part, and the soft interior ornaments such as trunk carpets, shock absorbing foam and so on. There are mainly ceiling lining system and carpet system. Seat system the seat system is mainly composed of seat headrest, seat frame, seat adjusting mechanism, seat foam and cover, seat plastic parts, seat handle, seat electrical wiring harness, seat shoe box and other parts. The common functions of the seat system are fore-and-aft, up and down adjustment, backrest angle forward and backward tilt, seat 180 ° Rotary folding, rear seat folding, overturning, headrest up and down adjustment, heating, ventilation, massage, cushion angle adjustment, seat side support adjustment, etc. Introduction to the main system of car interior: front bumper, outside handle, lower body guard, anti friction strip, rear bumper, wheel housing guard, spoiler, luggage rack, top trim strip, exterior rear-view mirror, etc. Front and rear bumper system front and rear bumper system is mainly composed of front bumper and rear bumper assembly. The bumper system is composed of outer skin, cross beam and energy absorbing element. Body, grille, buffer foam, crossbeam, etc. Exterior rear-view mirror system the exterior rear-view mirror system is mainly composed of lens, lens regulator, mounting base decoration, mounting base, mounting connecting plate shell, mirror body bracket, rotating shaft, mirror shell, side steering lamp assembly, etc. Other automobile exterior decoration parts, front cover decoration parts (runner cover plate / wiper cover plate), spoiler, body lower guard plate, outer handle, anti friction strip, wheel cover guard plate, luggage rack, top trim strip, etc.


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