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Acceptance criteria for measuring and checking tools of supports

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The support measuring and inspection tool is a kind of viewing equipment used to measure and evaluate the standard quality of parts. It is a simple thing used by industrial production enterprises to control product standards (such as aperture, space standard, etc.), improve production power and control quality, and is suitable for mass-produced products, such as auto parts, to replace professional measuring things, such as lubricating plug gauge, screw plug gauge Outside diameter caliper, etc. According to the different requirements of different customers for the appearance, size and quality of products, customize the corresponding inspection scheme to ensure that the inspection tools meet the customer’s inspection requirements for products.
FR bumper middle guard board
At the production site of parts, the online inspection of parts shall be completed through the inspection tool. Therefore, the accurate equipment of parts shall be placed on the inspection tool, and then the profile and periphery of parts shall be inspected through visual inspection, or measuring table, or caliper. It can also visually inspect the holes with different properties on parts and the connection orientation between parts by means of inspection pin or visual inspection, Then ensure the rapid differentiation of parts quality status at the end of trial production and start-up production.

What data are required for the acceptance of support measuring and inspection tools?

1. Fixture drawing:

The supplier shall provide a set of service drawings for use during acceptance. After acceptance, a set of base map shall be provided to the factory. All the above technical data (scheme drawing, function drawing and tooling drawing) shall be made into CAD data format according to standards and specifications and submitted through network or CD.

2. Measurement record form:

The measured dimensions of the gauge and measuring support must be recorded in the gauge measurement record sheet, which includes the self inspection report of the gauge profile, the accuracy report of the measuring machine, the measurement report of the pin and other accessories, and the description report of the materials used by the gauge.

3. 3D digital analog of inspection fixture:

The supplier shall provide the three-dimensional design digital model of the support measuring fixture (including the fixture and measuring bracket). The supplier shall also prepare the measuring point scheme drawing according to the requirements of the parts measuring point of the user’s factory and provide it to the user’s factory. In the plan of measuring points, the supporting and clamping unit, datum plane and peripheral profile of inspection tool must be clearly described. In order to prevent probe interference when compiling CNC program offline, and make preparations for making the second inspection tool conveniently in the future. The software version and handover of digital analog must be carried out as required.


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