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Daily Management Requirements of Automobile Inspection Tools

2022-05-01 Page view : 232 views

How should we store and carry the car inspection tools in daily use? Let’s take a look at it together!

I. Environmental requirements for the storage area of inspection tools:

1) The storage area of the inspection tools should be flat, and the surface should be hardened, and no settlement is allowed.
2) The storage area of inspection tools should be far away from high-temperature heat source, strong vibration source and pollution source, dust is not allowed, and it should be kept clean, dry and well ventilated.
3) The storage area of inspection tools should be free from sunlight and organic solvents such as gasoline and toluene.

II. The inspection tool placement requirements:

1) The inspection tools shall be placed at fixed points, clearly marked, uniformly arranged and easy to find.
2) There should be enough clearance between the inspection tools, which is convenient for users or managers to inspect parts, maintain and calibrate, and can effectively avoid bumps and scratches.
3) All the supporting points of the inspection tools should be focused, and there is no overhead phenomenon. If the center of gravity of large inspection tools is unstable, it will tilt, which may easily lead to safety accidents.
4) The infrequently used inspection tools shall be covered and strictly protected to meet the requirements of dustproof and waterproof.

III. Inspection tool handling requirements:

1) Check the inspection tools before handling, and make sure that the inspection tools are not connected with other facilities, and all the connecting mechanisms are closed.
2) When handling or hoisting the inspection tools, avoid collision and handle them with care. If the inspection tools are handled by roller trolley, when moving, pay attention to avoid the trolley sliding, and move smoothly and at a constant speed.
3) Forklift can be used for short distance transportation of inspection tools. When using forklift, make the side of inspection tools close to the forklift frame, and the center of gravity of inspection tools is located in the middle of forklift shelves to prevent side slip and slow rise and fall. During the movement, the inspection tools should not be too high off the ground, move at a constant speed, and be supervised by a special person. When obstacles occur, warn and avoid.
4) Forklift trucks shall not be used for long-distance transportation of inspection tools, but flatbed trucks or trucks with flat bottom. Forklift trucks, crown blocks, cranes and other lifting machines can be used for loading. After loading, inspection tools shall be fixed well and shockproof packaged if necessary to avoid slippage of inspection tools during transportation.


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