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Detection Element of ASD Fixture

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ASD inspection tool is a kind of inspection equipment used to measure and evaluate the dimensional quality of parts. Accurately install the parts on the checking fixture, and then check the part profile and periphery by visual inspection (the corresponding contour tolerance line is engraved on the Aopeng checking fixture), check gauge (checking fixture parts), or caliper. You can also check the holes with different properties on the parts and the connection positions between parts by means of inspection pins or visual inspection.

With the improvement of product precision requirements in industrial production, the requirements of automobile manufacturing precision are also constantly improving, so it is necessary to use the ASD inspection tool. The position and angle of the probe of ASD Inspection Tool can be arbitrarily set according to the user’s needs, the measurement process can be automatically realized, and the test data can be directly entered into the database. The more flexible inspection tool system has the error data analysis function, and the data can be used for statistical process control. So, what detection components does ASD Inspection have?

1. For the important surface of the part, the movable block can be used to test its flatness in the case of structural restriction. Each movable block has at least two conduits or guide posts. The movable block of ASD inspection tool is fixed with a quick tightening device, and the distance between guide pipes or guide posts is not less than 200mm. Aluminum alloy or wood structure can be used for the detection part of the block.

2. The test pin consists of three parts: the guide, the test and the handle. In order to ensure the smooth test of the test pin, the guide sleeve must be installed. The guide sleeve is bonded with the fixture and connected. The fitting length of the test pin and the guide sleeve must be greater than 2.5 times of the fitting diameter and greater than 20mm. According to the difference of holes, it is mainly divided into cylindrical detection pin and elliptical pin edge pin (detection part), and those that need anti-rotation also need to be used with anti-rotation guide sleeve. The pin is made of 45# steel, and the working part is quenched, and the hardness reaches HRC40-45. It should be blackened and marked.

3. The section template is used to test the molding surface with installation requirements. The template is made of steel or hard aluminum plate with a thickness of about 6mm, and a blade of about 2mm should be made in the testing part for testing. The structure is divided into rotary type and plug-in type; The gap between the template and the test parts is 3mm, and the section template should be arranged in the normal vertical direction of the profile as far as possible, and the coordinates should be an integer. The thickness of section support and bottom plate should be greater than 10 mm. When the support is greater than 150mm, the material thickness should be increased. When the height is 150 ~ 300mm, the rigidity of the support can be strengthened by adding stiffeners. When it is greater than 300 mm, the supporting support should be installed under the support. The section of the template should be stable and free of looseness on the ASD fixture, and it should be installed in a position that does not interfere with the positioning pin and clamping device.


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