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Definition of gauge (measuring support)

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1.1.1 the inspection tool is a special inspection equipment used to measure and evaluate the dimensional quality of parts.

1.1.2. At the production site of parts, the online detection of parts is realized through the inspection tool. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately install the parts on the inspection tool, and then check the profile and periphery of the parts through visual inspection, or measuring table, or caliper. The holes with different properties on the parts and the connection position between parts can be visually inspected with the help of inspection pin or visual inspection, So as to ensure the rapid judgment of part quality state during production. In this case, visual inspection or measurement can be used to judge the deviation between the peripheral size and shape area of the part contour and the relative position and the theoretical value of the inspection tool directly processed by CAD / CAM.
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1.1.3. For some extremely important functional dimensions on parts, the inspection tool can also be used for numerical detection. Usually, the accurate coordinate value of the parts based on the body coordinate system cannot be obtained directly with the help of the inspection tool, but only when the parts are placed on the inspection tool and measured by the CMM. The structure of modern gauge is considered in the design, and it can be used as a measuring support. However, when the online inspection function of the gauge and the measurement support function cannot be met at the same time, the online inspection function of the gauge shall be met first.

1.1.4. Measuring support is an auxiliary support when measuring parts with CMM. All supporting surfaces (points) and positioning reference surfaces (points) are milled according to the CAD data of parts. The measuring support of some special parts shall also have the function of some inspection tools.

1.1.5 the inspection fixture is a special inspection equipment customized according to the requirements of the demander. The design of the inspection fixture shall be in accordance with the Zui final 3D data and 2D drawings provided by the customer. The 3D data shall have a correct automobile coordinate system. The design and manufacturing of the inspection fixture shall be approved by the customer before processing and delivery.


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