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Design case of automobile inspection tool pipe inspection tool

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① Rubber hose type inspection tool

Generally, such inspection tools are made of resin or aluminum alloy. The physical examination surface is processed and formed directly in NC machine tool by cad/cam. The section shape is semicircular, and the diameter reflects the diameter and direction tolerance of the pipe. The structure of the inspection tool shape must have the function of holding and detecting the head at the same time.

② Hard pipe fittings inspection tools

Generally, the dismantling concave type insert structure is adopted for such inspection tools. The length of the insert shall be able to cover the whole straight section of the pipe as far as possible: the width and height of the concave shape reflect the tolerance of pipe diameter and direction, and the inserts corresponding to the clamping position on the body must use the zero tolerance position dimension.
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③ Plastic pipe fittings inspection tools

The plastic pipe mainly detects the direction of the pipe and the size of the outer diameter of the pipe. The structure is simple. The maximum outer diameter of the pipe is used as the positioning, and the lowest point of the pipe is used as auxiliary positioning to reduce the deformation when the length of the pipe is too long. The compression mode of plastic pipe is spring compression to avoid the deformation of products caused by too much pressing force and affecting the detection.

④ Sheet metal tube

The shape of the ram pipe is generally regular, and the punching position of the product, the straightness and coaxiality of the pipe and radial runout are tested. For example, we take the punch position of the product as an example, as shown in the following figure:


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