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What are the different function of the gage and measuring bracket?

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Inspection fixture is a special testing equipment used to measure and evaluate the size and quality of parts. It is a simple tool used by industrial production enterprises to control the size of goods (such as aperture, space size, etc.) to improve production efficiency and control quality. It is suitable for Mass-produced goods, such as auto parts, replace professional measuring tools, such as smooth plug gauges, threaded plug gauges, and outer diameter calipers.

At the parts production site, the online inspection of the parts is completed by the inspection tool. For this reason, the parts must be accurately installed on the inspection tool, and then the part profile and surroundings must be inspected through visual inspection, or measuring table, or caliper. It is also possible to visually inspect the different types of holes on the parts and the connection positions between the parts and the parts with the help of inspection pins or visual inspection, so as to ensure that the quality status of the parts can be quickly judged during trial production and start-up production.

In this case, after visual inspection or measurement, we can judge: the deviation between the peripheral size and shape area and relative position of the part contour and the theoretical value of the inspection tool directly processed by CAD/CAM.
Wiper Cover Checking Fixture for Vehicle Plastic Parts
For some of the more important functional scales on the parts, you can also use the inspection tool to perform numerical testing. Under normal circumstances, you cannot use the inspection tool to directly obtain the accurate coordinate value of the part based on the body coordinate system, but place the part on the inspection tool. It was only obtained after measurement by a coordinate measuring machine. The structure of modern inspection tools should be considered as a measuring support in the design. However, when the online inspection function of the inspection tool and the measurement support function cannot be satisfied together, the online inspection function of the inspection tool should be satisfied first.

The measuring bracket is an auxiliary bracket when using a three-coordinate measuring machine to do three-coordinate detection of measuring parts. All of its supporting surfaces (points) and positioning reference surfaces (points) must be milled according to the CAD data of the parts, and the measuring brackets of some special parts should also have the function of part of the inspection tool.

The automobile inspection tool standard parts company pointed out that the inspection tool and the measuring bracket can reasonably measure all the data of the parts according to the product drawings and cad data of the game. With the aid of the three-coordinate measuring machine, the inspection tool and the measuring bracket can be verified and appraised. In the case of normal frequency of use and outstanding maintenance, the service life of the inspection tool and the measuring bracket should be guaranteed during the production cycle of the corresponding parts.


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