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How to make good quality checking fixtures?

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For automobile inspection tools, I believe that manufacturers engaged in automobile manufacturing are no strangers.
Its role in automobile manufacturing cannot be ignored.
It is mainly used to control various sizes of automobile products as simple tools to improve production efficiency and control quality.
As a user of automobile inspection tools, knowing the manufacturing process of automobile inspection tools allows us to use it better.
As the leading brand of automobile inspection tools, ASD has an in-depth understanding of automobile inspection tools.
The following is an introduction to the production process of automobile inspection tools.

  1. Car inspection tool design
After obtaining the relevant information and data of the parts, the inspection tool designer should consider the overall shape and structure of the inspection tool, the size of the inspection aperture, the position tolerance, the elastic space of the parts on the inspection tool, etc., and measure how to use the least parts and Material, design a reasonable and practical inspection tool.
  2, automobile inspection tool processing
   According to the drawing design size, processing and manufacturing and processing. The processing process includes grinding, drilling, wire cutting, heat treatment, and electric discharge treatment.
  A) Heat treatment: The purpose is to increase the strength of the part, increase the hardness of the part itself, reduce the amount of wear and deformation in use, and connect to a higher service life.
  B) Grinding: The purpose is to increase the flatness of the parts and reduce the machining error in the shape cutting or drilling.

  C) Discharge treatment: The parts that have been heat-treated and the parts that cannot be machined or machined with cutting tools are used for cutting, so the cost of cutting tools is high, and the cost of grinding is high.
  D) Wire cutting: Use a wire cutting machine to cut the size and shape of the required part, or the size of the hole position, which can increase the accuracy of the part.
  E) Drilling: Use drills of different sizes to drill holes according to the design position and size of the drawing.
  3. Assembly of automobile inspection tools
  After the substrate, inspection block and other parts are processed, they need to be transferred to the module for inspection tool assembly and debugging.


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